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HOMEPAGE arrow right GENERAL arrow right 5.Green Pedal Island Tour Was Held With Intensive Participation
5.Green Pedal Island Tour Was Held With Intensive Participation
The Fifth Traditional Green Pedal Island Tour took place on August 19-20 with a large participation of women, men, different age groups and citizens of different countries.
PUBLISHING: 21 August 2023 / 14.53 |UPDATE: 21 August 2023 / 14.53

The organization, which was appreciated for both its professionalism and organizational success, created a visual feast for the audience. The Island Tour, with a total distance of over 200 kilometers, took place towards the Karpaz Peninsula with the participation of approximately 60 cyclists, including the Minister of Economy and Energy, Olgun Amcaoğlu. The participants, who started pedaling at 06:00 on Saturday, August 19, reached the village of Dipkarpaz at 11:15. After a long and tiring first day, the team got tired with various activities and started pedaling again at 06:00 on Sunday, August 20, and ended the tour at 11:30 in front of Cortado Coffee on the İskele coastal walking path. After the ride, certificates of participation were presented to all drivers at the cocktail organized by Cortado Coffee. President of the Green Pedal Club, Erhan Bolkan, who took the first floor at the closing event, thanked all the participants and sponsors and emphasized the importance of doing sports, and that the main purpose of such organizations is to show that individuals of all ages can ride a bicycle. Speaking later, Minister of Economy and Energy Olgun Amcaoğlu congratulated the Green Pedal management and organization group that contributed to the organization, emphasizing the importance of such activities and events, and always taking part in such events as a cycling sports lover. He emphasized that he wanted to and thanked Green Pedal Club President Erhan Bolkan for the organization. All participants were presented with certificates of participation and completion, and the organization was completed.5. Traditional Green Pedal Island Tour; Iskele Municipality, Cortado Coffee, Halken İnşaat ve Emlak Şti. Ltd. was realized with the contributions of Yonca And Cem Construction Materials Ltd.​

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