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HOMEPAGE arrow right GENERAL arrow right Full-time warning strike at the Pier District Court
Full-time warning strike at the Pier District Court
The Cyprus Turkish Public Servants Union (KTAMS) and the Public Workers Union (Kamu-İş) went on a full-time warning strike in the Iskele and Güzelyurt District Courts on the grounds that the government did not take any steps to solve the personnel problem.
PUBLISHING: 17 April 2023 / 16.59 |UPDATE: 17 April 2023 / 16.59

KTAMS President Güven Bengihan called out to the authorities and warned that if the staff shortages are not remedied within a reasonable time, strikes and demonstrations will begin throughout the courts. The two unions made a press statement in front of the Güzelyurt District Court. Stating that they gathered to express the problems related to the problems, he said that the lawyers also supported them. Expressing that they decided to strike together as KTAMS and Kamu-İş, Bengihan said, "Justice that comes late is not justice," and that the courts are trying to serve the people's demands for justice in the best way possible. He explained that he struggled with all his heart, but due to the lack of personnel, vehicles and some problems in the building, justice could be provided for a long time. Stating that this problem was not only the problem of the Güzelyurt Court, this problem continued in the Nicosia, Iskele, Famagusta and Girne courts, Bengihan said many times in this regard. He reminded what they did and gave time to the Iskele District Court last week. "They didn't even call us and invite us to the meeting," said Bengihan, accusing the government of "insensitivity". Bengihan, who claimed that “the main reason why the personnel problems did not come to an end is that the Ministry of Finance did not give the necessary authorizations on time and on time”, argued that the announcement of the exam date almost a year later by the Public Service Commission, with the authority it received, added additional problems on top of the problems. Güven Bengihan, who stated that 8 employees retired in the last 3 years in Güzelyurt courts, drew attention to the fact that the number of transactions, which was close to a thousand 3 years ago, has now exceeded 4 thousand, especially when looking at the number of criminal cases. KTAMS President Bengihan, who stated that the retirees, however, were not replaced by personnel, said that it was a person who wrote the decisions and orders of the courts. . For this reason, Bengihan noted that he said, "Justice that comes late is not justice," and claimed that "the government is responsible for this negligence." Stating that many places are employed under contract or other status, Bengihan said, "There is no chambermaid, There is no warehouse clerk, no notification-enforcement clerk, no court clerk… The registrar of the court acts as the chamberlain.” Stating that the clerk does the work that the concierge should do, and the registrar does the work that the clerk should do, Bengihan said, "Here, there is a working method in the 'I do everything' mode. " said. Asking how much more self-sacrifice the personnel will show, Bengihan said, "They fulfill duties, authorities and responsibilities that are not in accordance with their status, just so that the services are not disrupted and justice can be provided in a timely manner..." rotary. Things turn, but how do those who turn these things turn?” KTAMS President Bengihan, who stated that they gathered neither for overtime, nor salary increase, nor allocation, said, “We say give us personnel, personnel ...” he said. Stating that employees can no longer keep up with the increase in workload, Bengihan said that they started a struggle to fill the shortage of personnel and vehicles in order to find answers to the problems by meeting with the employees. -“The workload is increasing, the number of personnel is decreasing.” Bengihan stated that they are not happy to take action and strike, but they are at the end of the word. Bengihan said, "The workload is increasing, the number of personnel is decreasing," and that the lawyers are of the same opinion because their clients' work is not completed on time. Bengihan said that the most important thing is the victimization of the people. Addressing the authorities, Bengihan warned that if the necessary personnel deficiencies are not eliminated within a reasonable time, strikes and actions will begin in the courts. Güven Bengihan stated that the staff increased and employment was made in the last booklet exam. He asked why no personnel were sent to .News: Afet İlban

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