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Illegal Activities Report

This document is prepared for individuals who want to report illegal activities on our news website. If you think that any content on our website violates the law, please let us know by providing the following information:

  • The full URL of the content you believe to be illegal
  • Your name, surname, and contact information
  • An explanation of which law or regulation the content violates
  • A statement explaining the grounds for your claim of illegality
  • Any supporting evidence for your claim (if any)

To submit this information to us, please use the following contact information:

Email address: info@ournewssite.com

Mailing address: Our News Site, 10 Ataturk Street, Istanbul, Turkey

After receiving your claim of illegality, we will conduct a necessary investigation and notify you of the results as soon as possible.

Note: This report should only be used to report illegal content. For other issues, please use our contact page.